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Plantation Walkers, for the ride of your life... Ride with pride...Spots on the trail...Spots inside the rail...

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11119 Sheldon St.

Sun Valley, CA 91352-1115

Cell  (208) 880-2746

Email:  flautist1@msn.com


The vision of Walk'n Y Ranch was designed to fulfill one person's dream. Now that dream continues on in a new form. The Walk'n Y Ranch was given a facelift in 2010 and has become home for wonderful tenants.

The main living space is occupied by Aaron and Mary Ann and their two boys, William and Wesley. Aaron works in the '.com' industry and MaryAnn works at a gym.

The loft above the barns is home to Mary. She works at a local veterinary hospital. Mary takes comfort knowing she lives in the loft above her horse, pony, and mule!

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