July 05, 1942 – May 14, 2009
In memory of Tanya Lee Yank.
I love you Mom!

Tanya Lee Yank was born into this world by horse enthusiasts .  She lived with her four-footed and winged family within the security controlled confines of the Walk’n Y Ranch in Sun Valley, CA since 1995.

For the first time in her life she was able to do all of the things that she had longed to do.

Since the early 1960’s she lived in Granada Hills, CA.  It was there that she raised her children.  The devastation of the 1994 Northridge earthquake forced her to uproot and relocate everything that she knew to be her life.  Through optimistic eyes, that earthquake did her a great favor.  The wheels were set in motion to begin fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming one with nature.

She relocated and moved to a less populated area.  She moved to the small horse community of Sun Valley, in the East San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, Southern California.  Rural life provided her with a whole different perspective of what life had to offer.

The nearest commercial airport to Sun Valley is the Bob Hope airport located in the town of Burbank, CA and is a very short drive from the Walk’n Y Ranch . 

The horseback riding trails are on the same street, Sheldon, with quick access through a horse tunnel.  The tunnel takes you to miles and miles of trails in and around the Hansen Dam area.

Walk’n Y Ranch itself covers one-half of an acre.  The lot shape is narrow across the street and runs deep back towards the barns. 

The main house is an older remodeled little river rock house. It was built by the Indians who worked the quarry in 1923.  The Indians lived in the neighborhood houses which cover approximately a six block radius surrounding the Walk’n Y Ranch.  When their work was done they sold the houses for $1,800.00.  That price included a Model T Ford and furniture. 

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